Where are you located?

Our address is 51204 Danview Technology Court, Shelby Township, which is North of 23 Mile Road, two blocks west of Schoenherr, Feel free to call us at (586) 726-8900 if you need further directions.

Are your Instructors and Trainers certified?

Body Image’s Instructors and Trainers are ACE Certified Trainers and Aerobics Instructors, AEA Certified Water Instructors and are CPR certified. We are dedicated to giving students a safe, effective and fun exercise program.

I’m just a beginner, will I be able to do the workouts?

If you are new to exercise, modifications to your workout are given to suit your fitness level. We will teach you to listen to your body’s need for rest and oxygen. Take your first step with Body Images!

How long are your classes?

Most of our classes are 1 hour long and are offered several times during the week. See our current calendars listed under “Schedules.” You will also find our current session pricing listed there.

My schedule is sporadic, can I join up for 1x a week and and go to any class each week as long as it’s just once per week or does it have to be the same day, same time?

You can sign up for 1x per week and give us a base day that you think you most likely will be attending but you can certainly change and make-up in any class at any time. As you can see from our posted schedule on this site, we offer several classes during the week, morning and evening as well as weekends and you are more than welcome to attend any of them.

What can I expect to gain if I decide to join?

You will increase your flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness levels as well as increased strength and muscle tone. The best part is you will lose fat, look good and feel better about yourself!! We can help you reach your goals!

Is there a membership fee?

Never! That’s what sets Body Images apart from all the others. We work in sessions. There are four sessions per year, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each session can range anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. Therefore, you are only signing up for one session at a time. There are no contracts and you are not tied to an annual membership fee. You have the freedom to customize your workouts with the change of each session!

If I can’t join up at the start of a session, do I have to pay for the whole session?

No you don’t, we will be happy to prorate the remainder of session for you. Just come in when you are ready to join and we will only charge you for the remainder of the session.

Can I try a free class?

Yes! Just print out and use the Guest Pass provided on this site! Come on in and start getting healthy and fit right away!!

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